Maintenance and cleaning of hydraulic motor system

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hydraulic motor system will suffer from air pollution in production, processing, testing, operation and storage, and cleaning is a specific method to solve air pollution and keep the oil, hydraulic transmission system and pipeline clean. In production and processing, the cleaning of hydraulic transmission system usually includes main system cleaning and whole system cleaning. Full system cleaning refers to the cleaning of all control loops of the pressure control valve, and the system shall be restored to the actual operating condition before cleaning.

Oil can be used to clean the chemical substances. The cleaning time is usually 2-4 hours, and in special cases, it is not more than 10 hours. The expected cleaning effect is based on the fact that there is no sediment on the filter screen of the control circuit.

Problems during cleaning:

1. Usually, when the hydraulic transmission system is cleaned, the engine oil or test run oil used in the work shall be used. Do not use gasoline, ethanol, steam or other liquids for the double-output shaft hydraulic motor to prevent the hydraulic transmission system, pipeline, oil tank and hydraulic seals from being corroded;


2. In the whole process of cleaning, the operation of hydraulic oil pump and the temperature rise of cleaning chemicals are carried out together. When the working temperature of the cleaning hydraulic oil is (50-80) ℃, the plastic residue in the system can be easily removed;

3, in that whole proces of cleaning, the oil pipe can be knock by a hammer rod made of a non-metallic material, and the oil pipe can be continuously knocked without continuous knocking, so that the problem of appendage in the pipeline can be solved;

4. The intermittent operation of the hydraulic oil pump of the hydraulic motor reducer is conducive to improving the expected cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is usually (10-30) min.

5. A filter system or a filter screen shall be installed on the return road for cleaning the main oil duct. At the beginning of cleaning, the 80

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